Project Management

Any design project, whether a renovation or new home build takes a lot of time. We can help you not only come up with the creative ideas but execute the plan as well. Together we can determine how much of a role we play in the management of the job. Here are various ways we can help;

  • Review of plans for a new home build and make recommendations
  • Selection of interior finishes and consult on exterior colours and materials
  • Referral of trades and coordination of project schedule
  • Act as point of contact between builder/contractor and client
  • Site visits to ensure work is being executed as per plans and quality expected
  • Completion of project to the last detail, accessories and finishing pieces put into place

What My Clients Say:

I have worked with Lisa on several occasions as a photographer, and she is always extremely professional. Her designs are a joy to photograph and she always has the space (and the clients) well-prepared. I highly recommend Lisa for any design work!

Pat, Navan
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