Rob & Chantal, Orleans

We highly recommend Westyle Interior Design!

We did a full kitchen renovation in Mar/April 2020. Lisa drafted several designs for us and we worked with her to select the one that worked best. She really listened to us and incorporated all of the features we were looking for and also recommended features we would never have thought of. Once we settled on the design, she helped us with all of the design decisions. There are so many and its so easy to mess up the look of your kitchen!! She never tried to impose her own style on the project but instead really worked with us to create our dream kitchen. She also wasn’t afraid to tell us if she thought something wouldn’t work and why – which we really appreciated!

Lisa is an amazing designer. We couldn’t be any happier with our kitchen ! She is genuine, very professional and was always responsive to all of our questions. I highly recommend her design services – and plan to hire her again for the rest of the house.

What My Clients Say:

Lisa’s design talent, listening skills and input make her a delight to work with.

Doris, Ottawa
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